Fang Renbiao, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Dep

Author:adminRelease time:2021-06-16 13:58

  Recently, Fang Renbiao, deputy director of the Department of Civil Affairs of Zhejiang Province, and his entourage went to Dianke Haikang to conduct research on smart elderly care.

  The research team visited the series of software products and intelligent equipment developed by Dianke Haikang in the elderly care industry, and had a discussion. Fang Renbiao highly appreciates the social responsibility of Denko Haikang as a central enterprise and the achievements it has made. He introduced the current situation of elderly care services in Zhejiang Province, and hopes Dianke Haikang will participate more deeply in the digital reform of the smart elderly service in the civil administration system of Zhejiang Province.