Electric Coles and Yixing Municipal Government reached a strategic cooperation to build a comprehensive command center

Author:adminRelease time:2021-06-16 07:04:00

  On June 8, the Yixing City Digital Economy Policy Conference hosted by the Yixing City People's Government was grandly held. As a strategic partner introduced by Yixing City this year, Electric Coles was invited to participate in the conference. At the press conference, Corles reached a strategic cooperation with Yixing City, and the two parties will jointly build the Yixing City Comprehensive Command Center.


  At the press conference, Li Changqing, Director of the Yixing City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, issued "Several Policy Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of the Digital Economy in Yixing City", and issued a total of 20 "hardware" from the three aspects of intelligent transformation, digital transformation, and support capabilities. The nuclear & rdquo; initiative, with a total subsidy amount exceeding 100 million yuan, has created a good policy environment for the digital economy and industrial development of Yixing City.

   At the signing ceremony, Electric Coles and Yixing Municipal Government reached a strategic cooperation framework agreement between Yixing City and CLP Rice to jointly build Yixing City Integrated Command Center. In this cooperation, Electric Coles will give full play to the advantages of major systemic project construction, draw on the construction results of benchmark cases in Chengdu and Yangzhou, and cooperate with Yixing local ecological partners to provide Yixing City with top-level smart city design, project construction, and operation services. The overall solution of the whole process, systematically promote the construction of a new smart city in Yixing, to achieve the construction goal of "a picture of the city situation, a chain of command and decision-making, and a network of data governance", and the Yixing City Integrated Command Center Build into a "highlight project" for the construction of a smart city.