What are the advantages of imported low-voltage electric container manufacturers?

Author:田菱电子ENRelease time:2022-05-06 10:04:33

The domestic low-end capacitor market has low entry threshold, low technical requirements and low quality requirements, so there are many competitors in the low-end capacitor market. It is difficult for enterprises at this level to form a large competitive advantage, so the objective profit will not be particularly high. Among the products of imported capacitor manufacturers in the domestic medium and high-end market, the requirements are higher. Therefore, enterprises at this level can form a relatively long-term and obvious competitive advantage. The main competitive advantages of the medium and high-end capacitor Market lie in manufacturing technology, engineering cases and customer solutions, as well as the industrial strength of the manufacturer. Let's work with kukekuk, an importer of low-voltage capacitors to understand the advantages of medium and high-end manufacturers

What are the development advantages of imported capacitor manufacturers 2

1. The manufacturer's own enterprise has a good confidentiality process

In fact, the whole production process of low-voltage capacitor is not a secret. In the production and manufacturing process of different enterprises, the materials are almost the same. The main difference between manufacturers is how to use resources to make them the products needed by customers. This is the use of a confidential manufacturing process. Therefore, the core of competition lies in the configuration method of materials, the basic control of manufacturing process and the preparation of electrolytes.

2. The manufacturer's customers are relatively fixed and difficult to replace

Voltage capacitor is an important component in electronic technology manufacturing. The quality of capacitor directly affects the quality of the whole product. Major customers of imported capacitor manufacturers are generally world-famous enterprises. Establishing cooperation requires strict and cumbersome quality certification. The certification process may take several years. Due to the long certification time and many steps, the whole step is very cumbersome, so I choose to become a capacitor supplier without major accidents and cancellation of cooperation.

3. Imported capacitor manufacturers have cost advantages.

Generally speaking, manufacturers with long-term development occupying the medium and high market have a complete industrial chain layout. The cost of capacitor raw materials accounts for 70% to 80% of the total production cost of the whole society, and the main key materials in these materials account for the vast majority. Therefore, we have the layout of the whole industrial chain from raw materials to production management products, which can effectively reduce the cost with great impact and obtain more and greater competitive environment advantages.

When purchasing low-voltage capacitors, enterprises should consider the price and quality, and choose according to their actual needs. The price of quality will naturally be more expensive, and the service life of good quality will certainly be longer. On the whole, the cost performance will be higher.