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  "That's why the mirror reflects the shape, and the ancient things know the present."For months,China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China Electronics Technology") inherits the technology "mantle" of the national electronics industry,Inheriting the "red gene" of military industry Xu Dang serving the country,Taking the development of party history learning and education as a major political task, learning history is clear, learning history is more credible, learning history is ethical, and learning history is practiced, and the results of learning and education are transformed into a powerful driving force for accelerating the construction of a world-class enterprise.
  Learn and understand the party’s innovative theory
  In the study and education of party history, the party group of China Electric Technology Group focused on "learning, understanding, and implementing the party’s innovative theory".Grasping the priority of "perceiving the power of thought", deeply comprehending the significance, goals, requirements, methods and steps of party history learning and education, and thoroughly understanding the spiritual essence,Grasp the core principles and promote the study and education of party history with high standards and high quality.
  on the one hand,Innovative use of the "four studies" method, that is, "demonstration-driven study, combined research study, expert guidance study, column special study"."We invite members of the Central Propaganda Group to carry out special lectures, successively go to grassroots units to carry out research work, and conduct in-depth exchanges on topics such as supporting scientific and technological self-reliance, fulfilling the first responsibility of a strong army, and promoting high-quality development;At the same time, making good use of the Internet and mobile terminals and the main position of new media, the whole group set up 137 propaganda themes such as "One Hundred Years of Party History", "Hundred Years of Struggle, Set Sail" and other publicity topics, and set up 274 party history learning and education programs. Special column to educate and guide the majority of party members and cadres to consolidate the foundation of loyalty to the party on the basis of understanding their ideas. "Introduced by the relevant person in charge of the party group of China Electric Technology.
  On the other hand, resolutely carry on the mission of strengthening the army, continue to promote the innovative development of military electronics, accelerate the development of advanced equipment, and make new contributions to promote the enhancement of new quality combat effectiveness.In Nanhu, Jiaxing, on behalf of the party group, Chen Zhaoxiong, the party secretary, awarded the flag to the 36 special aircraft mission system party members’ research team, encouraging the team to write loyalty in the birthplace of the party, drawing a steady stream of spiritual power from the spirit of the Red Boat, and giving full play to the party’s vanguard Exemplary role, embodies the goals and requirements of party history learning and education in the practice of "two maintenances" and implements them in the practice of supporting the development of the cause of strengthening the country and rejuvenating the army.
  Promote the deepening of learning and education
  Since the development of party history learning and education, the China Electronics Technology Party Group has resolutely implemented the spirit of General Secretary Jinping’s important speech at the party history learning and education mobilization meeting and the deployment of the Party Central Committee, and has made positive progress in organizational leadership, special learning, training, publicity and guidance. Solidly promote the deepening of party history study and education.
  During the study and education of party history, China Electronics Technology focused on the four key business sectors of "electronic equipment, network information system, industrial foundation, and network security", carefully selected 100 outstanding young people, and established a grassroots front-line service for high-quality development. The team of outstanding young talents leads the vast number of young people of the whole group to make contributions in the new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way. At the same time, various thematic practical activities were carried out with the theme of "the pillar of the great power, always follow the party", and organized and carried out "100 electrical technology party members tell stories", "I contribute to the 14th Five-Year Plan", and the party flag is high at the grassroots level. Fluttering—Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China with Practical Actions” and other activities have formed a strong atmosphere of unity and forge ahead and start a new breakthrough.
  CETC has also leveraged its advantages in information technology, expanded learning space, and helped the party history study and education to be solidly promoted and deepened. To this end, China Electronics Technology has customized LED displays for multiple theme exhibition halls in the "New Hall" of the Great Memorial Hall of the Communist Party of China; using the national party media information public platform undertook to build a rich party history learning and education database and a large communication platform; Chongqing Hongyan Revolutionary History Museum collects 1,700 pieces (sets) of revolutionary cultural relics to establish a "digital archive", so that revolutionary martyrs and party history stories are "close in sight".
  Responsible for hard work and build a new development pattern
  Taking the opportunity of learning and education of party history, the China Electric Technology Party Group has effectively transformed the effectiveness of party history learning and education into various key tasks such as grasping the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan, implementing the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform, and doing a good job in inspections and rectification of the "second half of the article" The achievements of the company have strongly supported the modernization of national defense and the military, made every effort to fight the key core technology battles, and demonstrated greater achievements in the advanced service industry foundation and the modernization of the industrial chain.
  In the first quarter of this year, China Electric Technology's innovation volume and quality increased, and the "two benefits and four ratios" business indicators were good. Net profit and total profit increased by more than 50% year-on-year. It is supporting technological self-reliance, solidly fulfilling the first responsibility of a strong army, and expanding the civilian product industry. In terms of other aspects, the first season was off to a high quality.
  Ride on the momentum and stand up to the forefront. The China Electronics Technology Party Group believes that the study and education of party history is not only a "mobilization order", but also a "statement of responsibility." "We will use the learning and education of party history as an opportunity to further strengthen our ideals and beliefs, temper our party character, forge ahead and work tirelessly, accelerate the construction of a world-class enterprise, and celebrate the centennial of the Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements." The person in charge said.