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Deeply cherish the memory of the heroes of the "June 3" air crash
Resolutely shoulder the mission of strengthening the army and rejuvenating the country
Chen Zhaoxiong
  The green hills are silent, and the monument will last forever.
  In the "June 3" early warning aircraft crash 15 years ago, 40 martyrs were buried in the vast bamboo sea of Yinglie Mountain in Anhui, including 10 technical backbones of China Electric Power. They came from 6 institutes of the Electric Power Department. The average age was less than 28 years old, the youngest Is only 24 years old. The heroes used hard work, enterprising, selfless sacrifice, interpreted the persistence to the original mission, and wrote the loyalty to the party and the country. They are the heroes of military electronics, the pride of national defense technology, and the immortal monument of strengthening the military and rejuvenating the country.
  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out affectionately, “For all people who have given their precious lives for the country, the nation, and peace, no matter how the times change, we must always remember their sacrifice and dedication.” The best commemoration for the heroes and martyrs is to never aspire. Forget the great ideals and noble careers for which they shed blood and sacrifice. Following in the footsteps of the heroes, from the successful installation of the Air Police-200 to the complete autonomy of the Air Police-500, to the advancement of a new generation of early warning platform pedigree, the early warning aircraft team used wisdom, sweat and even life to support the Chinese own early warning aircraft on the blue sky of the motherland , To build a reliable "air commander's mansion" for strengthening the army and rejuvenating the country and national rejuvenation. This struggle practice nurtured and sublimated the early warning aircraft spirit of "self-reliance, coordinated operations, tenacious struggle, and innovation to be strong", which has effectively enriched the value inheritance of China Electronics Technology and enriched the spiritual pedigree of China's military industry.
  The great era calls for a great spirit, and a noble cause needs spiritual guidance. To cherish the memory of the sacrificed heroes, we must closely link the respect of heroes with respect for roots and missions; to promote the spirit of the early warning mechanism, we must closely link the respect for the revolutionary spirit with the unremitting pursuit and struggle of the great cause, and combine it with the ongoing party history. Learn and educate, learn history to make sense, learn history to increase credit, learn history to respect morals, and learn history to practice, further strengthen the political consciousness of not forgetting the original aspiration and keeping in mind the mission, inspire the love of the party and the country, and the sense of responsibility of the party and the country, and strengthen the basis of the "three positioning", Work hard to act as the driving force of the "four major sectors", work hard to write a magnificent chapter in the new journey of strengthening the army and rejuvenating the country, and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with excellent results.
  First, we must have a deep sense of family and country. "Heart has a great self, sincerely serve the country", from exploring the development of "Air Police No. 1" to leading the development of the world's early warning aircraft, generations of early warning aircraft teams have transformed their absolute loyalty to the party and the heart of the motherland into a powerful driving force for scientific and technological research. , Using sweat, blood and even life to practice "the interests of the motherland above all else." It is necessary to vigorously promote their moving deeds and lofty spirit of dedicated to the party and dedicated to serving the country, encourage the majority of cadres and employees of the group company to respond to the call of the party, obey the party’s arrangements, and always closely link their personal ideals with the destiny of the motherland, and align their personal aspirations with the destiny of the motherland. National rejuvenation is closely linked. Being in the "national team" and thinking about "national affairs", as a "national man", shouldering the "national responsibility", consciously integrating scientific pursuit and value realization into the flood of development of the party and the country, Contribute wisdom and strength to building a modern and powerful socialist country and realizing the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
  Second, we must inspire courage to take responsibility. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that “key core technologies are unavailable, unavailable, and unavailable. Only by mastering the key core technologies in one’s own hands can we fundamentally guarantee national economic security, national defense security, and other security.” In the 1990s, in order to equip the early warning aircraft as soon as possible, we actively sought cooperation with the world's military powers, but repeatedly suffered setbacks. Academician Wang Xiaomo joined dozens of veteran experts to write a letter, which opened the difficult and brilliant development process of domestic early warning aircraft. Today, we have become a co-runner and a leader in the field of early warning aircraft. At present, the challenges facing the "no man's land" in the field of electronic information are more, bigger, and more direct than in the past. It is necessary to vigorously promote the advanced deeds and heroic feelings of the early warning aircraft team when the motherland needs it, encourage the majority of cadres and employees to actively participate in key core technology research, and strive to solve all kinds of "stuck necks" and bottlenecks in reform and development, and support high standards To be self-reliant and self-reliant in science and technology, and to act and climb the peak in the journey of ensuring national security and healthy economic and social development.
  Third, we must promote the spirit of science. Promote innovation with scientific spirit and deepen practice with scientific methods. The early warning aircraft grew from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong, surpassing technical thresholds one by one, reaching scientific peaks, relying on innovation and transcendence that dare to be the first, and relying on a systematic and scientific management system. It is necessary to vigorously promote the effective concepts, models and methods in the development of early warning aircraft, adhere to "innovation is the first driving force for development", to grasp innovation is to grasp development, to seek innovation is to seek the future, and firmly hold the "bull nose" of technological innovation. ; Persist in systematic planning and overall advancement, be good at summarizing and promoting the good experiences and good practices that have emerged in scientific research and production, and promptly upgrade it to an institutional mechanism to further cultivate and improve the "National Weapon" innovative development ecology; insist on creating a forgiving and tolerant office atmosphere, Encourage cadres and employees, especially front-line scientific research personnel, to make bold assumptions, earnestly verify that they are not afraid of difficulties or failures, be firm and committed to accomplishing things, so as to fully release the innovative wisdom and innovative forces hidden in the majority of cadres and employees, and promote them with a scientific spirit. Based on the new development stage, the group company implements the new development concept, integrates into the new development pattern, and achieves high-quality development.
  Fourth, we must strengthen team awareness. Collaborative overcoming difficulties and gathering intelligence to tackle key problems are the distinctive signs and important magic weapons of major scientific and technological innovation projects in New China, including the development of early warning aircraft. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the Central Military Commission, the China Electric Power Division has gathered the power of member units such as the Academy of Electrical Engineering, 10, 14, 27, 28, 29, and 38 institutions, and more than 100 joint military areas. Several research institutes and factories have carried out multi-industry and multi-specialized collaboration and struggle, and successfully developed the Air Police-2000, Air Police-200, Air Police-500 and other series of models, breaking through the multi-field early warning aircraft. A world problem. We must vigorously promote the advanced deeds and valuable experience of unity and cooperation in the development of early-warning aircraft, and make full use of our political and institutional advantages in concentrating our efforts on major events, focusing on creating innovative consortia and the source of intelligent technology and original technology, and further strengthening the management team , The team of experts and craftsmen are closely integrated, theory, design, and experimental science are connected. The cooperation mechanism and endeavour culture of fraternal units and the group are concentric and resonance at the same frequency, creating more "big power weapons" and strengthening the army. Xingguo makes new and greater contributions.
  Fifth, we must maintain a pragmatic style. Greatness comes from ordinary, and career comes from hard work. The successful development of the early warning aircraft is inseparable from the fact that thousands of scientific research and technical personnel and logistical support personnel have taken root and worked tirelessly year after year, generation after generation. It is necessary to vigorously promote the pragmatic spirit and fine style of the early warning aircraft team's willingness to dedication and hard work, and encourage the majority of cadres and employees to base themselves on the three main positions of "the main force of military electronics, the national team of cyberspace and the national strategic science and technology force", and focus on "electronics". The four major sectors of equipment, network information system, industrial foundation, and network security are working hard, insisting that "success does not have to be with me" and "success must be with me". With the spirit of nailing nails, one thing is done one after another. Turn the blueprint of building a world-class enterprise into reality step by step. We must grasp the relationship between ambition and down-to-earth, aiming at "unswervingly becoming stronger, better and bigger", planning work is pragmatic, conditions are guaranteed, tasks and responsibilities are tightened, organization and implementation are in place, supervision and inspection are compact, and we strive to make our work It can stand the test of practice, the people, and history, live up to the great mission of strengthening the army and rejuvenating the country, and live up to the ardent expectations of the party and the people.