[Science and Technology Daily] Domestic PVD equipment for su

Author:adminRelease time:2021-06-16 11:44

  The reporter learned from China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd. on June 3 that the group's electrical equipment has successfully released domestic PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) equipment for super-capacity heterojunctions.
  As a new generation of high-efficiency heterojunction solar cell production and manufacturing core equipment, it will provide solid technological support for my country to achieve "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality".
  Heterojunction cell technology has the advantages of high conversion efficiency and double-sidedness, high efficiency improvement potential, large cost reduction space, and short process flow. It is the preferred solution for the photovoltaic industry in the future. The special PVD for heterojunction launched by the electrical equipment this time has broken through key technologies such as a rotating cathode system with adjustable high magnetic field strength and a large-span DC pulse control system. It has high target utilization, good film formation uniformity, and stable equipment. The characteristic of high performance, the production capacity is as high as 8000 pieces/hour, which can greatly increase the conversion efficiency of battery production lines, enhance the advanced level of my country's photovoltaic industry chain, promote the progress of my country's photovoltaic technology and the rapid decline of costs, and help comprehensively go online with parity.
  Electrical equipment has always been committed to promoting the localization of photovoltaic equipment, and has successively developed tubular PECVD, flat-panel PECVD, diffusion oxidation equipment, plasma etching equipment and other equipment. It has a number of independent intellectual property rights in the complete set of high-end key manufacturing process photovoltaic equipment. The core technology has formed the core advantage of "equipment + process + service". The domestic equipment level and production line coverage are in the forefront of the world. It has built the first high-quality turnkey project for the entire photovoltaic industry chain in Turkey, and established the global photovoltaic industry. "China's name card" for the entire line of high-end equipment.
  In the next step, electrical equipment will take new breakthroughs in the localization of key equipment as an opportunity to closely follow the development direction of the industry, aim at the forefront of technology, continue to occupy the high end of the value chain, lead the iterative upgrade of equipment and system capabilities, and help my country's photovoltaic industry to make a greater leap .