[People's Daily] China Electronics Technology Group: Inherit

Author:adminRelease time:2021-06-16 14:03

  Editor's note: On June 8, the "People's Daily" published a special report on the in-depth development of party history learning and education by Chinese management enterprises and financial enterprises, "Highlighting Learning History, Dedicating to Self-reliance and Self-reliance", in the article "China Electronics Technology Group: "Inheriting the Red Gene and Reflecting Responsibility" introduced the effectiveness of party history learning and education in the group company. After the manuscript was published, it was reprinted and forwarded by mainstream central media such as People's Daily Online, the Chinese Communist Party News Network, the official website of party history learning and education, and the study of the powerful nation.
  China-managed enterprises and China-managed financial enterprises carried out in-depth party history learning and education——
  Highlight the history of learning, be determined to be self-reliant (struggle for a hundred years, set sail on a new journey, learn the history of the party, understand ideas, do practical things, and open a new game)
  Since the development of party history learning and education, China Electronics Technology Group and other Chinese management companies have deeply studied and understood the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the party history learning and education mobilization meeting, highlighting integrity and innovation, highlighting the practice of learning history, and effectively transforming learning results into work Effective.
  The party group of China Electric Science and Technology Technology Co., Ltd. led the study through demonstration, combined research study, expert tutoring study, and column topic study. The above led the study to promote study, invited members of the central propaganda group to carry out propaganda, and went to the grassroots unit to carry out research work.
  Grasping the focus of doing practical things, China Electric Technology collected 189 opinions and suggestions through various channels such as grassroots submissions, questionnaire collections, forums, and collective discussions, and formulated the first batch of key livelihood projects list of "I do practical things for the masses". Give full play to the advantages of information technology and use the nationwide party media information public platform to build a rich party history learning and education database and dissemination platform; establish a "digital archive" for 1,700 pieces (sets) of revolutionary cultural relics in the collection of Chongqing Hongyan Revolutionary History Museum.
  Combining with party history learning and education, the group has carried out a series of "revealing the rankings" activities around the central work, creating a series of innovation platforms, carrying out a series of publicity activities, carefully selecting and establishing 100 outstanding young people, and inspiring young employees to bravely contribute to a new era. Carry out various thematic practical activities with the theme of "the pillar of the great power, always follow the party". In the first quarter of 2021, the Group's development trend is good, with a number of indicators hitting the best level in history, and taking practical actions to demonstrate high-quality development as a central enterprise.
  Chen Zhaoxiong, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Chairman of China Electronics Technology Group, said that through learning the party’s century of struggle, the original intention and mission should be embodied in the specific actions of serving the party and national strategy, embodied in planning major strategies, formulating major policies, and deploying major tasks. , The practice of advancing major tasks is reflected in the responsibility to defend national sovereignty, security, and development interests, and is reflected in the determined pursuit of achieving scientific and technological self-reliance, and loyalty and struggle to support the dream of a strong country and a strong military.