Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the "reliable" corporate culture, the development strategy of combining "high, sophisticated, and cutting-edge", and the business philosophy of combining "three modernizations", and has always adhered to the development path of technological innovation and management innovation.

  After 19 years of development, the company's products cover several major fields such as automotive electronics applications, smart grid applications, Internet of Things applications, integrated circuits, sensors, LED lighting, consumer electronics applications, etc.

  The company’s business scope includes: R&D, design, production (including processing) and sales of printed circuit boards (PCB), circuit board-related materials, electronic products, electronic components (solder mask OEM), and high-precision screen plates; electrical Equipment sales and installation, etc.

  We always adhere to the corporate spirit of "leading", "executing", "fast", "focusing", "achievement" and "respect", insisting on market-oriented, innovation-driven, management-based, and talent team building In order to start with the strategic goal of enhancing the core competitiveness of the enterprise, Tian Ling Electronics will be built as an important provider of core technologies, products and services for China’s national industry, and is committed to providing "reliable" value to all stakeholders. A high-tech enterprise that has a certain degree of influence and popularity in the world, trusted by users, recognized by the industry, strong in innovation, and reliable.