Liu Shaobin, Chinese Ambassador to Turkey, visited Sino Electric-Turkey Kalyon Group Photovoltaic Industrial Park

Author:adminRelease time:2021-06-16 07:06:05

  On May 27th, Chinese Ambassador to Turkey Liu Shaobin, Minister Counselor Liu Yuhua, and Counselor Qian Xinyi visited the Sino Electric-Turkey Kalyon Group Photovoltaic Industrial Park.


  Liu Shaobin visited the production workshops, stopped from time to time, watched the equipment operation carefully, inquired in detail about the process details, and had an in-depth understanding of the processes of each production link.


  At the symposium, Liu Shaobin highly affirmed the technological innovation level of the industrial park project, and fully affirmed that the electrical equipment has overcome the difficulties caused by the epidemic and completed the project with high quality in the short term. He pointed out that through this cooperation, not only saw the fruits of cooperation between Chinese and Turkish companies, but also saw the potential for cooperation between Chinese and Turkish companies.

  Liu Shaobin emphasized that the Sino Electric-Turkish Kalyon Group 500MW Photovoltaic Industrial Park is Turkey’s first project with full solar energy production capacity. It is an important milestone in the implementation of Turkey’s national energy strategy and China’s promotion of the “Belt and Road Initiative”. We hope that China and Turkey will further in-depth cooperation and create a new historical high.