The importance of low voltage reactive power compensation was not known until 300000 yuan was wasted

Author:田菱电子ENRelease time:2022-05-06 10:05:53

Low voltage reactive power compensation is an indispensable part of the Yongding of factories and enterprises. Have you calculated how much reactive power compensation can save? Let's take a look with cook Cooper, the manufacturer of low-voltage reactive power compensation. Generally, the low-voltage distribution of the factory changes 10kV to 400V through the auxiliary transformer, and then provides power equipment through the low-voltage distribution system to drive the power equipment to work, and the power equipment carries out inductive load. Such as motor, welding machine, air conditioner, etc. When it is put into operation, it will produce a huge induced current. It does not work, but reactive current. The loss is proportional to the square of the inductive current. Losses are converted into heat dissipation in transformers and circuits, raising the temperature of transformers and distribution equipment. It not only affects the utilization rate of the equipment, but also damages the insulation of the equipment, shortens the service life of the equipment, and even damages the equipment due to high temperature. Therefore, how to reduce the inductor current has become the only way for enterprises to reduce energy consumption and improve the economic and social benefits of equipment. Let's use the case of an enterprise in Dongguan to explain:

The enterprise has installed two 630kVA transformers. According to the monitoring results, the average power factor before compensation is = 0.71, the total output current is 385.5a, and the total output current after compensation is 284a, that is, the compensation of 101.5a (385.5a-284a = 101.5a) current compensated by the front capacitor is not wasted and economic accounting is not calculated.

The importance of reactive power compensation was not known until 350000 yuan was wasted in vain

Our calculation of enterprise electricity charge is in kwh, i.e. kWh (kilowatt hour), w (watt) = U × I (voltage multiplied by current) is calculated in 24 hours per day, 101.5a × 0.4KV × 24 = 974.4kwh (degrees).

$974 per kilowatt hour is wasted per day.

nine hundred and seventy-four point four × 30 yuan = 29232 dollars, 30 days a month.

More than 300000 yuan is wasted every year. What a loss. Have you calculated?

In the above example: the load that 630kVA transformer can use is only one-third of the transformer capacity. If the workload increases, the reactive power loss will increase. Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that reactive current is burning money with the heat generated by students! Because the reactive current has brought a huge loss to the power supply management system, the personnel of China's power enterprise departments have to charge a certain loss cost to the units with excessive reactive power. To sum up, low voltage reactive power compensation must be installed as long as it is the development of power users, which is not only conducive to the realization of themselves, but also conducive to promoting the whole power supply service network. Energy saving and power consumption can also save a lot of expenses.